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Hey everyone! My name is Natasha Mehta, and I actually just finished my senior year at MSU. I technically graduate summer 2014, but I walked in the spring along with everyone who graduated then. I’m currently taking this class, as well as orgo lab, to finish off my college career at the best school in the nation! I received a bachelor’s in human biology from Lyman Briggs College, and I also minored in German. One thing about me that many people don’t know is that I absolutely LOVE Germany. It’s my favorite place on Earth. My high school German teacher was very passionate, and it definitely rubbed off on all of her students. I did an exchange program in 11th grade, and created life long friendships with some of the students there. Since then I’ve visited twice, but if it were up to me, I’d be living there right now! Here are a few pictures from my time there –

this is the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin!

me standing where the Berlin Wall used to stand!


My German best friend Julia and I 🙂

I am currently applying to medical school, which means I have taken a year off. There is also a 6 year program in which you attend medical school in Italy, and do your residency in Europe, which I am also looking into. I have no prior experience with anthropology, and I’m really excited to learn more about it!

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  1. Riasia Franklin says:

    Hello, My name is Riasia Franklin and I really find that your visit to Germany seemed really cool. I would also love to vista Germany one day. I also find that do have a similarity because we both are in the Lyman Briggs College. I absolutely Love it! And congrats on getting your bachelors!

  2. Ashley Webb says:


    My name is Ashley Webb. Your visit to Germany seemed like a very good time! I have always wanted to go to Germany but didn’t make it there when I was in Europe. I also am looking into medical school programs in Europe and am taking a year off!

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