Beautifying Dentition

My name is Jamila Carver and I am going to be entering my fifth year in the fall semester at MSU.  I am studying Human Biology and have enjoyed my years at Michigan State but so ready to graduate in December 2014. I am not sure yet of what direction I want to take yet once my major is complete, but my plan was to go to grad school for Dentistry. I had my first up close and personal acquaintance with dentistry in high school where I took a class on Dental Assisting and got to spend my senior year as a dental assistant and work with a local dentist through all kinds of dental procedures.  I am hoping to pursue that goal of Dentistry some where outside of Michigan because I am ready to experience something different.

Last semester I took the ANP 441 Osteology & Forensic Anthropology and loved the course. The class was about the bones of the body along with the different types of injuries that can occur to those bones along with lots of other life related experiences the instructor or guest speakers encountered. I will highly recommend this class to anyone in the Human Biology, Anthropology, or Archeology majors, and hope and plan I can have the same experience in this class.


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  1. Nikki Silva says:

    Hey Jamila, I had a similar experience when applying to grad school, I went to undergrad in TX and lived there for 18 years, and I just wanted to experience somewhere different! Which is why I am at MSU for grad school now. It’s been really exciting living in a new state. I hope you also have a positive experience moving somewhere new!

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