Biological Approach

    I chose the Biological Approach to be what I believe to be the best way in order to study health.  I believe this approach to be incredibly useful when trying to understand or analyze health because it incorporates three very specific factors that can determine or solve why someone has the health status that they do. For me the idea that your health is based off not one particular thing but instead an interaction of the environment, genetics and your individual choice in how one chooses to live, makes unarguable sense. This approach looks at how these factors interact with one another in order to determine how the health of an individual came to be.

    The distinction between disease an illness is that a disease is stated to be a clinical manifestation of altered physical function, or infection. Where as illness is stated as the human experience and perceptions of alterations in health, as informed by its broader social and cultural contexts. This distinction was not obvious to me. Before I would have thought of a disease as simply a more serious or chronic illness.

    The culture that Milner is talking about in his article about the Nacerima, is the North American culture. It took me awhile to realize it, but I did so as soon as he brought up George Washington.

     One ritual that is carried out by the Nacerima that really stuck out to me, was there so called daily process of inserting hog hairs into their mouth along with a powder and circling it in a series of motions. I quickly realized that this was referring to the brushing of ones teeth. This really demonstrated the lengths that the Nacerima culture is willing to do in order to prevent an health complications. The second Ritual that I found quite fascinating was the describing of the latipso and how this was a place where the very sick went to seek extreme medical help. They could only be admitted if they were to give a rich gift to the so called custodian.  Once there it is said they are stripped of their clothes and often perform bodily functions normally done in secret in front of a vestal maiden. I soon realized that this very process was describing hospitals. How one only gets help if they have insurance and can foot the bill. I also realized that these vestal maidens were in fact maids, and how overall the processes of care in hospitals is often very unnatural, and uncomfortable. It however does display the true lengths those in the Nacerima culture will go to in order to seek a greater health and cure any illnesses.

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