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I think the biological approach will be most useful to me in studying health because this approach focuses on the environment, genetics, and individual choices of an individual in relation to their health. These three factors are major parts of any individual’s personal health and understanding each of these factors will be helpful in understanding an individual’s state of health. The distinction between disease and illness is that disease is the outward clinical manifestations of altered physical function or infection and illness is the human experience and perceptions of alterations in health, as informed by its broader social and cultural contexts.

Miner is talking about a ritualistic culture in the Nacirema article. I realized this when the article began explaining how the Nacirema people go through a series of rituals for their health and well-being, such as building shrines in their homes and using special remedies made by medicine men to aid their illnesses. The article also mentioned how the Nacirema visit their own type of dentist once every year that goes through special rituals to keep their teeth from rotting, such as filling the holes in their teeth with certain ingredients. This practice reflects the importance of dental health to the Nacirema and the importance of ritual in their lives by going to the dentist every year at least once. According to the article, when the Nacirema are very ill, they visit a special temple to have healing rituals done by a shaman that, though they don’t usually work, the adult Nacirema people firmly believe in. This also reflects the value placed on rituals by the Nacirema people that are done by experienced people in the community other than themselves, such as shamans and medicine men. It also reflects their beliefs in the power of the rituals done at the temple.

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