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Hello everyone! My name is Carrie and I am going to be a sophomore here at MSU. I recently just switched my major from Human Biology with a goal of being a Physicians Assistant to Pre-Nursing. I will apply to the Nursing program this next spring semester. I will apply to the new three year Nursing program that MSU has transitioned to. I am very excited about my new path and curious where it will take me. Currently, I am a Nursing Assistant and working in a retirement community. I find my job strenuous at times but also very rewarding.

I do not have any previous experience with anthropology. This is my first course pertaining to the subject, and I am very excited to learn all about it! I am taking this course as an elective. I signed up because it is required to apply to be a Physician Assistant, but now that I switched to Nursing I am just in this course out of interest. I love learning about history and obviously medicine so I believe this will be one of my most favorite elective courses thus far!

What got me interested into the health field was a course I took back in high school. I was able to gain experience and work in hospitals, nursing homes, with EMT’s, physical therapists and many more! Attached is a picture of my class my senior year of high school. My amazing teacher is the little one in the middle. Don’t let her size fool you though; she is one of the funniest and most intelligent people that I know. She is always there to support my education and career decisions, and has always cared about where my life is headed. If it weren’t for her and her course I wouldn’t be here at MSU today.


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  1. Amber Roberts says:

    Hi Carrie! My name is Amber and I’m also a nurse assistant and work at an assisted living so I can definitely relate when you say that you find your job very strenuous at times but also very rewarding. I also found it interesting that you switched your major from human bio to pre-nursing because when I was a sophomore I did the opposite and switched from pre-nursing to human bio. I actually switched my major a few times but they were all related to the medical field so I can definitely relate to switching majors and trying to find exactly where your niche is!

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