Crazy Dog Lady

Hello everyone my name is Shelby Brewington and I am a Human Biology major. I am heading down the Pre-Physicians Assistant path, and heading into my senior year this upcoming Fall. I have always thought of myself as a very outgoing and friendly person who is always up for an adventure. I chose to go into the medical field because I wanted to have a job where I felt I was in some way doing good. I wanted a job that was rewarding to wake up to everyday. I have recently been preparing to take the GRE and am super nervous. Huge tests always have a tendency to freak me out and give me minor anxiety. However, i am so excited to be one step closer to the next stage in my life.

This is my first experience with an Anthropology class, and although I signed up for it because it is due for my major, I have found this class very interesting thus far!

Now to say a little about myself, I am from Grosse Pointe Michigan which is a small suburb outside of Detroit. I have been very blessed to have an overall supportive family who never pressures me to do anything my heart isn’t into. My mom is one of my best friends since I do not have any sisters, only two older brothers. My most prized possessions are my two dogs. I have a tea-cup Yorkie who I named Zeus and a tea-cup Poodle named Ella. I know I sound like the typical crazy dog lady who dresses their dogs and treats them like children, but to be completely honest I am. I have always loved animals, and was never really allowed to have any pets growing up since my parents are not huge animal people, and did not want the extra responsibility, so I waited til I was older and got them myself! Now the whole family loves them and couldn’t imagine not having them.










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  1. Nikki Silva says:

    Hey Shelby! Good luck prepping for your GRE. I took it twice before grad school and I would suggest doing multiple practice exams by yourself before you take the actual exam. It is stressful, but grad schools really focus on the overall package you offer (grades, activities, personal statement, etc.).
    Also, remember to categorize your posts, you can edit this post and categorize it under “Intro Post”. When you edit, the option for categories will be in the toolbar on the right hand side of your webpage. Heads up, your grade for the reflection and activity blog posts will depend on whether you categorize your posts.

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