Empowerement of Public Health

Hi my name is Desirae Jemison. I’m a senior majoring in Interdisciplinary in social science. My post graduating plans are to applying and getting accepted into a MPH. I love every aspect of public health. After getting my masters I plan to future my education and go to medical school. I feel that an MPH will help broaden my education. I chose the title for this post because I love the public health field.  This is actually my second anthropology class, i took anp 203 my freshman as a elective. I chose this course because it actually relates to the field that I am interested in. I posted the picture below because  I actually really love science. This is a field where its so much to learn, and everyday something new is found or created.

How to fund science


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  1. Falicia Captain says:

    Hi Desirae!
    I am an interdisciplinary major too (Health and Society), I love it because I think it really allows us to gain a broader perspective of our major topics than we would having such a defined major. I also plan to obtain my MPH and continue in the healthcare field, there is so much to learn and discovers still! Fun picture! Nice to meet you!

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