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Hi guys! My name is AnnMarie Maniaci, and I will be entering my senior year at MSU this fall. I am a Human Biology major, and I am planning to attend dental school after graduating in the spring. I have had a lot of trouble deciding what my sure plan for the future is, and I have changed my major quite a few times. I’ve gone from nursing to pre-medical to pre-dental, but now I am content with where I am at and hope to be a dentist one day.Unfortunately, my summer has been focused on taking classes to graduate on time, as well as studying for the Dental Admission Test. But when I’m not studying, I love being outdoors and enjoying the summer weather.

I took ANP 201 my freshman year and I loved it. I find anthropology to be an interesting subject, so when I found out this class is offered as a Human Biology elective, I immediately enrolled. I am excited to learn about health issues from a cultural perspective. I actually just visited Ghana in the spring as part of a medical/dental brigade, so I am eager to apply what I have learned and experienced to this course.

This is a picture of me giving fluoride to children in our medical/dental clinic in Ghana. I chose to include this picture because I was working as the dentist’s assistant, so it is obviously relevant to my post, but also because it was a time that I was able to actually experience health issues from a completely different cultural perspective, which I think will be very helpful in taking this course.


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  1. rousakis says:

    Hi AnnMarie! loved your post! I am a human biology major in the pre-med program. I am studying to take my MCAT so I totally understand how you must be feeling about studying for your DAT!! I also participated in a study abroad trip that went to Dominican Republic and helped treat patients in very poor areas so I was curious if your trip was similar?

  2. Taylor Smith says:

    Hi AnnMarie,
    I can totally relate to your post! I have gone back and forth between optometry and med school, and just couldn’t decide which was the best option for me, but finally settled on Optometry. I just took my OAT on Monday, but have some really great flashcards that are for both the OAT and DAT if you ever want to borrow them! Your trip to the Dominican Republic sounds amazing, I would love to hear more about it and what organization it was through!

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