My definition of health is when an individual has no major debilitating disease or any disease severely affecting the way they go about daily life. My definition of illness is different, however, being when an individual is negatively affected in other ways due to a disease either mental or physical, such as being affected emotionally or mentally. For instance, some people, when affected by a debilitating disease, are able to keep a positive outlook and still be themselves while others can spiral into depression and have their whole outlook on life changed by a disease. I think these criteria come from both my parents and society. With my dad working in the medical field, I saw firsthand what kind of conditions he considered disease and others illness and what he considered to be “healthy.” Society also has affected my perception of disease and illness with all the different commercials for medications for various diseases and articles online about the latest illnesses. It’s getting increasingly difficult to distinguish some conditions as being illness or a real disease when some individuals claim to have a disease just to score amphetamines and other drugs, such as fibromyalgia or insomnia. School has also affected my perception of disease and illness with people in my high school and teenagers online as well posing as having a mental illness or some other disease to get attention and sympathy, making it very difficult for those actually affected by these diseases to get recognition as actually suffering from these diseases and not just following the crowd trying to get special attention or being written off as just being a moody teenager or attention-seeking. Having known many people with mental illnesses, it’s unfortunate that they have to convince people that what they’re feeling is real and debilitating when people use these illnesses as something that makes them “quirky” or “cool.”

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