Ordinary Motivation

Hello. My name is Vu Ho and this will be my brief introduction of myself. I will be a senior at Michigan State University with a Human Biology degree. When I am done at MSU, hopefully I will able to be accepted for the medical school, but first I will need to be prepared with the new MCAT 2015. It seems that the time pass way too fast because of college, as if when entering college I feel that there is a rush of enormous amount education that it seems to be endless. I am sure many feel the same way therefore I will have to accept the way it is.

Though I am new when knowing anything about Medical Anthropology. I did read a bit about general anthropology from the previous history classes in my previous years such as developing cultures and religion of the past. For me it is pretty interesting to learn and compare about other culture and beliefs of other even I did not agree or believe in since everyone is different. Therefore I feel that learning both objective and subjective subject are very important, especially in this era of internationalization. So with the choice of taking the class for the second half the summer. Hopefully it should be interesting.

For the image I chose the picture of a book. The reason is that that this book is the reason why I decided to want a medical career. That book I remembered was obtained at the garage sale for 50 cents. The book was written in a way so that the general readers can understand so even a younger audience are able to. I took interest because it was informative and interesting to learn about the disease of human body. The author made to book in a way that even without knowing much about human body, it was book that guide the basics and for reader to understand and enjoy. This makes me think that even if one are to be very knowledgeable to a certain subject, the author respect that fact that the reader are new to the subject and respect the audience so they can also learn.






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