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Hello class! My name is Meredith Joseph. I am going to be a sophomore here at MSU this Fall.  I  grew up in Grand Blanc, Michigan, but was born in Pennsylvania. I am a Human Biology Major, like many of us seem to be. I am on a Pre- Occupational Therapy track and hope to one day be a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. I do not have any experience with anthropology, but from what I have heard it seems very interesting and I cannot wait to see what this class has to offer.  I am taking this class to fulfill a requirement, but I enjoy the medical field aspect and culture so I think it will be a good time! This summer I am living and working at MSU. I am a Sport Camp Conference Assistant for any and all of the sports camps that come to MSU. We work with athletes from ages eight to eighteen. Seeing I love sports and working with children this is the perfect summer job for me! During the Fall I will be a Service Center Representative in West Circle, if you are ever in the lovely West Circle area. With my free time I love to be outside and active. I run a lot, and like doing  road races. Most recently I did a fun race called the Foam Fest, which ironically you get very dirty in. I ran it with my younger sister, who will be a new member to the spartan family in the Fall!!


I also like photography and love taking picture of basically anything anywhere. Sometimes I wish I went to photography school, but it’s a great hobby. I use a Canon Rebel T3i for any other photography people out there. Here is a picture I think is cool that I took up north with summer.


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  1. Alisyn Korpela says:

    Hey Meredith!
    I chose to comment on your post because I love the picture you took of the sunglasses! I too always wondered what it would be like to have taken the plunge and gone to photography school, but going to MSU has been an amazing experience for me so far. I hope one day I can make photography into something more than just a hobby, and maybe even open up my own gallery at some point, who knows!

    • Meredith Joseph says:

      Hey Alisyn,
      Thanks! Yeah, I couldn’t imagine not going to MSU, it’s a wonderful school. I hope to do something similar in the future with my photography hobby as well.

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