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My name is Alisyn and I am a junior at Michigan State. My major is interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in health and society, and i also have a specialization in health promotion. I have not completely figured out what i want to do when i graduate, so IDS seemed like a good fit for me.

I do not have any experience with anthropology, except for taking ANP 201 last fall, which peaked my interest in the field. I think anthropology is a really cool subject that offers a range of ideas and practices from various cultures that I find very interesting to learn about.

This summer I am working full time at a medicaid assistance service company called Advomas, but when I do get time off, I spend it up north at my cottage on lake huron and at festivals around Michigan. This past weekend I was at electric forest and made some crazy memories with my best friends camping and wandering through the wilderness. Here is a picture of the first set of Umphrey’s McGee this past weekend.



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  1. Natasha Mehta says:

    Hey Alisyn! I went to electric forest too, it was my first time and I can’t even describe how amazing that place is! Such a great atmosphere filled with positive energy and good vibes from everyone – I plan to go back for many years to come, maybe we’ll see each other around! 🙂

  2. Alison Johnson says:

    Hey Alisyn! We have the same major, IDS with the same concentration and specialization actually. I am also a junior, and I also don’t have a set in stone idea for what to do after graduation. I also took ANP 201, but in the spring. It’s cool to find someone with the same major and specialization that I have. Hopefully I will see you around on campus! -Alison

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