The definition that I constructed for health, was the state of complete wellness, free from any debilitating diseases. The definition of illness that I used was the health status of an individual which lead to a decrease in normal everyday activity. Often treated and classified by a physician. The criteria that I used in oder to form these ideas of what is health and what is illness, came from everyday experiences, and everyday observations made in society. When I see an elderly person who can barely walk and seems reasonably weak I think illness. This disability disables many activities in his life. When I see someone running, I think health. They are physically capable of exercise. I believe most of this criteria came from all outside influences. Media, family, personal, and society. I think I used all of these things when forming my perceptions.

When the word sadness came up as a word to define as an illness or not, I had a very hard time classifying this. According to my thought process sadness could be an illness in some cases, where sadness is chronic and can lead one to for example not want to leave their own room for days on end. Or for example they are experiencing such sadness that they can not eat or sleep. This would inhibit everyday life, and lead me to believe that sadness could be an illness. Perhaps in the form of depression. However, on the other hand sadness is a normal emotion experienced by each individual at one point or another in their life time. Often it is a passing emotion that comes and goes either with time or with the negative stimulation. Therefore, because only the word sadness was given I classified it as not being an illness instead perhaps if chronic sadness was instead listed my mind could have gone the other way. But because sadness is an emotion is a normally occurrences and often does not interfere in any great length of time with ones life, I said it is not an illness.

Migraines is another one that I struggled to classify. This is because depending on the overall depth of the migraine, some do not truly impact ones daily life. For example I often suffer perhaps once every other month from terrible migraines, that stop me from performing any activity I was in when the migraine came on. It normally lasts 3-6 hours and then goes away. Therefore, because it does not impact my everyday life and is not something I experience everyday I would not say it is an illness. However, those who have migraines everyday and find themselves avoiding sunlight could be said that it is an illness. However, because severe chronic migraines are normally rare without any other underlying health issues I classified it as a non-illness.

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