Vegan Yogini and Aspiring Doctor

My name is Morgan Barnett and I, too, am a Human Biology major.  I am going to be a sophomore this fall and an RA in Holmes Hall (I am in Lyman Briggs like many of my residents will be).  I have declared my major as pre-med, and plan on attending Michigan State’s college of Osteopathic Medicine upon my graduation.  I have no prior experience with medical anthropology, and that is why I decided to take this class.  I am extremely interested in the cultural adaption aspect to different medicinal practices, and hope that this course enhances my understanding of the perspectives toward medicine in general.

This summer I have been practicing yoga and meditation daily.  My summer ritual involves practicing yoga and working at a farm to table restaurant in White Lake, MI (The Root Restaurant and Bar).  I eat a plant-based diet (vegan), which some people find interesting and some people don’t.  I also love music and acting.  I play the clarinet, and last year I had the opportunity to play in the school of Music’s concert band.  I am also a singer.  The first picture I posted was of “the quartet” in the Wizard of Oz when I played the role of Dorothy Gale.  The second is from before I saw Wicked (for the fourth time) in London last summer.  The third picture of me with a green-smoothie in hand was also taken in London, and the fourth is from my vacation up north (taken yesterday from Mackinac Island)!

oz wicked london mack

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  1. Jaana Ashtiani says:

    Hey Morgan, my name is jaana! First of all I noticed that you work in White Lake, my boyfriend lives there so I’m in the area a lot! I’ve never heard of the restaurant you work out but it sounds really interesting, where’s it at? A lot of my friends have recently been trying plant-based diets and let me just say I give you props for having that self control hahah, it sounds great! Also super jealous you’ve seen Wicked 4 times, I have yet to make it to one.


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