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Darren Helm


Hi all! My name is Melinda Zielinski, but honestly just call me Mel. I will be a senior this coming fall. One of the reasons I am enrolled in this class, beside the fact that it interests me, is because I am an interdisciplinary studies major and it’s required (health and society and sociology). My only other experience I’ve had with an anthropology course is when I took ANP201, intro to Anthropology. I’ve always been interested in the health field, the human body, and how it operates so I’m stoked for whatever we’re going to learn in this class. I want to do something in the health field, not quite exactly sure what yet, I just really want to help people. One unique thing about me is I play ice hockey. I play on the D2 women’s club team here at State. I actually just had surgery on my knee. I tore my medial meniscus playing hockey in January. Finished out the season on it, which ended at the end of March. I am a very stubborn person and will not give up on anything no matter what is wrong with me. I am definitely one of those people that will never stay home from participating in any activity unless I’m on my deathbed. I started playing hockey when I was seven years old. I played on boy’s teams growing up and finally switched over to playing girls travel hockey when I was 14. I am a die-hard Detroit Red Wings fan. Darren McCarty started my love for the game and the Wings. I always thought he was such a badass and totally the cliché of what a typical hockey player is supposed to look like with his missing teeth. Darren Helm is my favorite player and not to mention he’s pretty good looking. I also think its pretty awesome that the Red Wings playoff streak is older than I am (I’m 21 and their playoff streak has been going for 23 years). That’s all I can really think of for now. Feel free to ask me anything! Thanks for taking the time to read my probably really ridiculously boring post.

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  1. Carrie says:

    Hi Mel! My name is Carrie and for starters I didn’t think your post was all too long or boring. This for me is only my first anthropology course unlike you. I found your post interesting because I guess I am not really familiar with the major of interdisciplinary studies. However, it does sound very interesting. Not going to lie though, what caught my eye was the picture you posted of Darren Helm. I am also a pretty big Red Wings fan but my love for the sport doesn’t go as deep as yours sounds. I don’t play hockey but this year I did get the wonderful opportunity to go to two Red Wings games! Lucky for me one of them was a playoff game at the Joe. Just like you mentioned, it is amazing that the Red Wings have been in the playoffs for twenty three consecutive years. That is more than any professional sports team ever! The playoff game that I went to was the game where we lost to the Bruins in overtime, and the first game that Henrik Zetterberg came back form his injury. My favorite Red Wing is Zetterberg so I was thrilled to be at that game even though the outcome wasn’t what I had wished. It was nice to see some Red Wing love on the blog site and some common interests. Hope your semester goes well and good luck with your senior year!

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