In Jamila’s analysis of the rituals I think she has very good insight of our current values and ideologies. I do not think that I can update it at all, but more highlight some of the excellent connections I saw in her analysis. I agree that the way people sanctify the bathroom is true because its where we start and finish most of our days and really highlights the aspect of cleanliness that our culture values so highly. I also feel that she highlights the concept of the latismo or hospital very well with the bartering of gifts to receive health treatment. This exhibits that we as people associate wealth with health and only those who can pay the price are allowed the have the highest level of health that we cherish as a culture. Also, a great connection that I saw in the analysis was that both cleanliness and health are viewed to be interconnected to the naciremans (us), relative to the number of bathrooms or shrines based on the home’s wealth. So in this context not only do we see health relative to wealth but also with our ability to be clean and it would seem that our culture truly values higher wealth because it allows us to pursue our ideals of self-perfectionism e.g. being as healthy and clean as possible.

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