I chose to analyze this Illness because in our current fitness culture there is a massive under-emphasis on proper exercise habits and because many of my fellow peers have the mentality that more (in reference to exercise) is always better. The thing that people do not realize is that over-exercise can have serious debilitating affects on the body and mental status e.g. over-training syndrome. Over-training syndrome is difficult to define because it has varying affects on each individual that experiences it. Dr. Mark Jenkins describes over-training syndrome as the name given to the collection of emotional, behavioral and physical symptoms due to over-training that has persisted for weeks to months which can lead to cumulative exhaustion even during periods of rest. The consideration of non-medical influences with this syndrome and all illness is very important because many outlying factors play a major role in disease whether it be diet, habits, stress etc. An anthropologist would need to study this differently than a medical doctor because to really help a victim of this illness the removal of excess exercise may not be as easy as it seems. Many people who suffer from this disorder struggle with mental and outside factors that are causing them to over-train calling for the use of different methods such as the ecological approach or the applied approach to figure out the source of the problem and remove or find a way to cope with the stressor in the athlete’s life. 

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