Ambitious Girl.

Hey guys!

My name is Valencia Smith and I am a fifth year student in the College of Lyman Briggs majoring in Human Biology! Born and raised in the city of Detroit!

My future plans include going to grad school and later medical school. I have always aspired to be a physician and am determined to make that a reality. I hope to become a cardiothoracic surgeon one day. I also say this corny thing and tell people that I want to “fix broken hearts”. LOL!

I don’t have much experience in anthropology but this class came highly recommended so I’m excited to learn about the field!


I’m really big on quotes and this is just one that I really like to live by, so that’s why I chose this picture. I think about all the obstacles life decides to throw at me, and I continue to tell myself it’s all for a reason. Live life to the fullest!




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