Biological Approach

The biological approach would be most useful in studying health because it is the most objective approach. This approach takes into account the facts of one’s situation, genetics, and personal path through life, making it the most scientific. In assessing a person’s health, it is necessary to be as precise and factual as possible. This minimizes room for error and provides an objective perspective which can be most helpful in determining possible methods of improving that person’s health.

The distinction between disease and illness is a fine line because what one person may think is an illness, another may think is a disease. I believe the distinction lies in which part of the person is affected: a disease specifically ails the physical body while an illness is an ailment to the mind or emotions.

Miner is talking about the American culture (which is “Nacerima” spelled backwards). I realized this when he mentioned Washington (Notgnihsaw) chopping down the cherry tree and crossing the “Pa-To-Mac.”

Our society has placed a great deal of emphasis on the value of a clean mouth and healthy teeth. Miner describes our continuous submission to the “holy-mouth-men” in our search for the perfect smile, one that is inviting to friends and potential mates. We eat whatever we like and expect our dentists to perform miracles in saving our teeth from permanent rot damage. So, we, as Miner describes, are eager to repeatedly visit these people that pull out our teeth and essentially torture us with the pain of it.

Miner also speaks of our healthcare system. He describes the complete faith we place in our doctors and hospitals, so much so that we are willing to pay a great deal for them to heal us as best they can. In many cases, as Miner wrote, the very sick patients go to the hospital even knowing that they will die but in the faith that if anyone can perform a miracle, it is the doctor. This parallels our society today. When we are horribly ill, we spend grand amounts of money for admission to a hospital whether we are truly sick or not. Doctors in today’s society are idolized for their intelligence and ability.

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