biological approach

I think the most helpful approach to study health is a biological approach because it looks more at the human body at a micro level. In my mind, the health of a person refers to the physical well being of an individual. Looking at how we have evolved at a genetic level and how our body reacts to an environmental stress is most critical to our health. I understand our mind can perceive ourselves as unhealthy as in eating disorders or other physical appearances that are not “ideal” in a particular culture. However, our body can be completely healthy and function fine even we perceive it to be “unhealthy”. For this reason a biological approach will be most useful in determining in a disease is present and reducing our overall health.

The distinction between disease and illness is that a disease refers to a pathogen that has infected the body causing a variety of symptoms. An illness is not a pathogen but more how we perceive the symptoms of the disease. This can refer to pain or a social identification for how we should act when we have a disease. I think these definitions do make sense and were somewhat obvious but they seem to be interchangeable in today’s western society. People tend to say they are ill when they have a disease because they are experiencing symptoms that are not present in a healthy body. However, there may be times when a person has a disease, but does not experience symptoms so they do not refer to themselves as ill.

The culture in the Miner article is America. I realized this after about the 3rd paragraph due to things such as location, cheery tree story, and economic market. Further through the story it provides further information that leads me to believe it is America as well.

A ritual the people follow is going to the “holy-mouth-man” once or twice a year. This represents the recommended trip to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning. This shows the people want good oral hygiene and a physical appearance that is pleasing to others. A second ritual described is going to the doctor’s office or a hospital. Even though people are sick when they go, they are eager to return. This shows people want to get better and feel healthy. They will even go for regular check ups to get a physical and make sure they are in good health.

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