Biological Approach

I find the biological approach to be the most useful for myself when studying health. Linking evolutionary processes and genetic linkage whether it be natural selection or genetic drift is a very useful method in explaining everyday health issues. Being a human biology major, this may be more true after taking courses in fundamental genetics and virology. I found it astonishing what an impact the environment has on the dying off species through natural selection along with how species drift into new populations. Genetics is also a very important means of explaining heath in regard to how closely geneticists can determine the fate of an individual with specific gene traits and the chance of gene transfer over numerous generations.

I find illness to be more of a term that can differ based on an individuals specific feelings and mental state along with their physical well-being. On the other hand, disease is seen more as a term without much differentiation from one individual to another. This is because a disease is an abnormal characteristic on the individual which can sometimes not be cured. However, they are related in that the specific signs or symptoms associated with disease can be correlated with the specific feelings one has to consider themselves ill.

While reading the article and trying to determine what type of culture it was dealing with, the first thing that caught my attention was the “holy mouth man” who opens the clients mouths with large magical tools to fix health problems once or twice a year (keep in mind I am pre dental). Next, the cultures belief in the power of magic through the medicine man lead to me along with woman breast implants lead me to believe this was the American culture. Just so happens to be nacirema spelled backward.

The believe that a medicine man can pull the evil out of an individual is exaggerated and proves a high trust and emphasis for the medicine man or doctor from the rest of society. In addition people seek out the holy mouth man once of twice a year to relief objects in the exorcism of evil. The mouth man is relied on to relieve any pain, and patients return each year although their teeth may continue to decay. The fact that whether or not individuals are cured of their pain, they continue to rely on the medicine man and holy mouth man, prove the trust the people have with societies normalities and ways of life. This faith they put in their leaders mirror images the confidence americans have toward doctors and dentists resolving their medical issues.

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