Biological approach

I believe that using a biological approach would be the most useful in studying health. A biological approach would be most useful because it focuses mainly on evolutionary processes, genetic variations, and the way populations respond to diseases. When trying to understand and study health you need to look at the past, present, and future of the human kind. This is also a way of understanding why different groups of people get sick more than others. Health is a broad topic and with a biological approach you can attack this topic from all angels such as clinical, social, trial, etc.

When I think of disease I think about symptoms happening to and organ inside of and individual. When I think about illness I think about symptoms occurring to a person as a whole. If someone is ill they could possibly have a disease. This distinction was not obvious to me at first. Both of these words almost mean the same thing, just somewhat tweaked. An illness requires someone to seek healthcare, while an individual with a disease seeks for treatment.

In the Nacirema article, Miner is talking about the american culture. I realized this on the second page when he spoke of the ‘Holy-Mouth Men’ and having to meet with them twice a year. In the article it talks about a ritual that concerns highly formalized series of gestures, which in its true meaning means brushing your teeth. This ritual explains the health benefit of keeping your teeth and mouth clean, and also away from infection and disease of the mouth. It also goes on to talk about going to the holy-mouth men, who are the dentists, at least twice a year. This is important in health because this also keeps the teeth disease and cavity free. He also talks about the latipsoh, which in its true meaning is the hospital, and how people would go there when really sick to recover. He talks about how it is expensive to stay in the hospital once you are admitted as well saying you must present a gift in order to leave the latipsoh.

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  1. Francesca Rogers says:

    The two rituals, holy-mouth-man and latipso, from Miners article that you discussed don’t need much updating. Both are very prevalent in today’s society and continue to be even after fifty years. Brushing ones teeth is a very important task if you want to keep a clean mouth. I was told to brush my teeth twice a day to keep them fresh and so I would not have to go see a holy-mouth-man. A nice smile is something that society prides itself on. No, it should not matter if someone has yellow teeth, but when asked what people first notice about an individual most will say their smile (which perhaps includes their teeth). As for the latipso, we put a lot of importance on the hospital and the individuals who save lives inside of it. To this day we are willing to pay so much for a procedure that will save our lives. Miner stated in his article, the people with the most money are the ones who get the service of the nurses and doctors. This situation is something we could work on – getting health care to those who do not have the insurance or money, but not giving them a freebie.

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