In modern times, we often describe health in terms of economic and medical condition. In most cases, one’s economic health comes from the monetary value and standings of an individual or family. If a person has a good amount of money, limited to no debt, as well as lives to a decent standard of living, we can consider them in good economic health. As for a person’s physical well being, it is often looked at in terms of the medical world. If someone is in shape, their vitals are in good condition, as well as there are no ailments known, we can see the person as they are in good physical health. If these are not the case, then the person would not be in good standing of either of these.

Both of these situations are tied together in a direct relationship. Cancer, for instance, provides a struggle in both economic and physical health. When a person has cancer, the physical health begins to deteriorate over time at an ever increasing rate. With this illness attacking the body, people begin to grow weak, contract disease or infection, and the body begins to not function properly. The relationship comes with the expenses in which the medical system requires in order to treat said conditions of cancer. As the disease spreads, the more expensive these treatments become. Upon looking at the situation inversely, a poor economic health can also lead to a poor physical health through cancer. If one does not have the money to check with medical professionals regularly, then there is no manner in which people can gather information such as whether or not they are healthy. As time progresses, the disease begins to spread. Once the medical condition is finally discovered, it becomes even more expensive in order to treat. Health can be placed to any form of living, whether it be economic, health, or some other form.

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