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Hi everyone my name is Ben Caldwell and I am going to be a senior this coming year. I am a Human Biology Major through Lyman Briggs. I will hopefully going to medical school after undergrad but I’m not sure where I will be going.

To explain my post title, I am one of the least organized people I know which explains why I am late on the first post. It is also the reason why I have no idea where I will be after the 2014-2015 school year. I do know without a doubt that I want to go to medical school because it is an area that absolutely fascinates me.

I have taken one anthropology course, ANP 370 Culture, Health, and Illness. From the sounds of it, the subject matter of this class will somewhat overlap with what I learned in that course, but it will be worth covering again. That class focused primarily on HIV/AIDS in Malawi, so hopefully this class will give a broader scope on anthropological methods. Anthropology hasn’t really “hooked” me yet as it appears it did others, but perhaps this class will change that.

Aside from classes I am an RA in a social psychology lab so I get to run the experiments that all the psych students participate in. It’s very interesting getting to participate in the research process and I have been lucky enough to do it since my freshman year.

I spend my free time mostly watching movies and listening to music. I’m an avid concert-goer and can’t wait for the Commonground Music Festival in Lansing next week.

Looking forward to a good semester and hopefully I can get organized and stay on top of things. Also looking forward to  learning some new, useful, and interesting things!

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  1. Vu Ho says:

    Hi, my name is Vu Ho. I also feel that I am not sure about which medical school I should go to. It’s just that senior are going to be my busy with searching for medical school, prepping the 2015 MCAT and doing some possible volunteer work. Hopefully it go well for yours too.

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