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Hey Folks,

My name is Christopher Hancock Reed.  I was born and raised right here in East Lansing, Michigan.  I am studying Humanities – Pre Law through the College of Arts and Letters while pursuing a second degree in Public Health through the College of Social Science.  I hope to go to law school some time after graduation.  I enjoy hockey, sailing, and building things.  I work for facilities on campus, Schuler Books & Music, and the Peoples Church of East Lansing.  I split my time between MSU and Pine Ridge, South Dakota, where I work as a Program Manager in a non-profit construction firm.

It was my work on Pine Ridge that got me interested in medical anthropology.  Pine Ridge is one of the bigger Indian reservations in the US, and also one of the poorest.  The healthcare system is funded by the Federal Government and is free to the people who live on the reservation if they are tribal members.  However, with the poverty and problems that are associated with it, health issues are compounded by many other social factors.  I am hoping to learn more about this phenomenon.

My photo is pretty random.  It was taken at an Indian-Scottish wedding i attended the other weekend.  This was the first time I have ever worn a kilt, and I’m really hoping it’s not the last.



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  1. Ben Caldwell says:

    Hey Christopher,

    First let me say that you look great in a kilt and if I were you I would look into making it part of your permanent wardrobe. It’s cool that you’re interested in doing law and health care. I think the two go well together especially if you have any interest in working in D.C. with healthcare reform etc. I looked into a similar path earlier this year and founds organizations like Center for American Progress had internships and jobs that connected the law and healthcare aspects of my interests. Good luck in your path!

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