My definitions of health and illness were not entirely wrong, they just needed to be elaborated on. I defined health as a person’s overall well-being. I thought about how a person feels in aspects of describing health. I also defined illness as a sickness that hinders certain aspects of life. I thought specifically of mentally and/or physically being hindered because of a sickness. I think the criteria I used had a lot to do with society’s view on health and illness. With the big kick on fitness and eating healthy in our society I thought about health in regards to that. Outward appearance does not matter as long as you feel healthy. I also thought of illness in regards to family and personal experience. Outward appearances do not determine whether something is an illness or not, how you feel does. I have a very close friend that suffers from depression. Just because the person may seem fine on the outside does not rule out having an illness. I think migraines definitely constitute as an “illness”. They can hinder a person in anything from day to day chores, to interacting within society. They can greatly influence to what extent a person can function, from something as little as getting out of bed, to making dinner. By those standards, I would have to include poverty also as an “illness”. Being in poverty can also hinder which opportunities you have, and how to spend every day life. It also creates a barrier when trying to interact with others within and outside of your social class. Using the same standards for illness as previously mentioned, I would include insomnia also. Losing out on sleep can affect not only your personal life and how you feel, but also relationships with others and physical attributes.

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