Old Age

I defined health as having your physical, mental, and pyschological aspects in balance or being in homeostasis.  I believe I came to this definition based on previous biology classes I’ve taken in my life and also due to the influence of society and members of my family constantly reminding me to live a balanced life. For instance, we’ve all heard the phrases “eat a balanced diet” or “everything in moderation”. I defined illness as when you are not in good health and your balance or state of homeostasis is disrupted. I believe this definition came from along the same background as the first definition. If someone is not in good health then it’s assumed they are ill or sick, and if I defined health as being in homeostasis then being ill would be the disruption of that.

One of the conditions from the illness activity that I found difficult to categorize was old age. I struggled with this one becuase during old age your body deteriorates  and losses function over time and obviously this condition eventually results in death, which sounds like an illness because it causes harm to the body. However, everyone ages and it is a natural part of the life cycle. Overall, I decided it was not considered an illness.

Another condition I had some difficulty determining if it was an illness or not was shyness. A reason that it could be an illness is that it makes it harder to make personal connections and relationships which are beneficial to someones happiness and mental health, so in a way shyness can disrupt your mental balance. On the other hand shyness normally tends to be a temporary state and can be overcome or grown out of as someone goes out into the world and learns to step out of their comfort zone and participate in new experiences. Overall, I decided shyness was not an illness.

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  1. Jenelle Dushane says:

    I was intrigued by the way you described old age. To me when I think of old age, I instantly think it is normal but I like the way you thought of it. I decided to research old age in Africa. In Africa old age is more of an illness because they live in high poverty it leads to many other illnesses, such as anemia and diabetes. Old people are even considered a waste in emergency food programs. Also with HIV and AIDS management the elderly are assumed to be no longer sexually active so they do not get the treatment they need. The elderly need help getting to the doctor and help with the paper work for health care. The elderly in Tanzania felt mocked by doctors and were unable to sign up for health care, Tanzania is now aware of this issue and is working on helping them get free health treatment.
    This is sad situation for many families in Africa because the elderly now become the homemakers seeing that their hard labor days have came to a quick end. Without the elderly to raise the current generation’s children is an endless cycle of pain for Africa. In Africa old age is considered more of a highly contagious illness that brings you quickly to death.

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