Preemie Baby

My name is Ava Peera and I am officially a senior at MSU. I am majoring in human biology and minoring in spanish. In the future, I plan to attend medical school and hopefully become a pediatrician. I actually just took my MCAT yesterday and am hoping that it went well! I chose the title “Preemie baby” because I was born 10 weeks early, and I think that’s a pretty interesting fact.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with anthropology, but I am very excited to broaden my knowledge in the area with this class. I heard about this class through my advisor and once I did some research on it, I decided it seemed like a great choice.

The picture I chose to post is of me and a girl I met while I was in Honduras with Global Medical Brigades. It was an amazing experience, and it gave me the chance to combine two things I love: medicine and speaking spanish. I learned so many new things and made some life-long friends on the trip. I hope that one day I can do more volunteer work in different countries.

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