The Ecological Approach

  • The ecological approach appears to be one of the most important approaches because our environments and the things that surround us everyday strongly dictate how we live our lives and develop as people. If a problem arises in the surrounding environment it can directly affects all things living in that environment. This is why I feel the ecological approach is the most important because solutions to many major issues or the origin of the problem could be found directly in the ecosystem or environment of the affected group.
  • Disease is an actual physical condition or ailment of the body caused by the environment or certain aspects of the environment while illness is a condition that can be determined by a person or culture. Like the example in the lecture stated hearing voices could be considered a spiritual connection in some cultures but in our culture it is seen as an illness while having polio (an actual disease) is seen as a negative condition by most if not all cultures. The distinction was somewhat apparent for me because I had a previous understanding that health is very relative based on the culture, as an example in some cultures being what we in the western culture consider overweight is actually something that is sought after and is a sign of longevity and pride.
  • Miner is speaking about the american culture, I realized it honestly because I have read this article before but in the past it was not apparent until the end when I tied everything together. The description of the toothbrush is what made it obvious but when described in this way it makes us seem like an entirely different less advanced culture.
  • The first ritual that interested me was the one of the daily brushing of the teeth with “animal hair” brushes and the second was the visiting of the “healing temples”.  These things to an outside eye seem as if they could be unsanitary or even masochistic but in our culture they are common trends of extreme cleanliness and care for our bodies. The Naciremans use these rituals because they feel with their knowledge that they are doing the best for their bodies and selves even though to an outside eye it seems obscene and even dangerous.

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  1. Sarah Newman says:

    There are many ways you could update the Nacireman’s cultural practices to every day American cultural practices. One of the ritual’s you cited is the “daily brushing of teeth with animal hair” and magical healing powder. In today’s society, having clean and white teeth is a health; those who do not brush their teeth are thought of as gross and unkempt. I thought that it was very interesting that tooth paste was thought of as a “magical powder”. In a way, I guess American society thinks of tooth paste as a way to magically save their teeth from dental caries and decay. The article presents tooth paste in a way that shows how trusting we are of certain beauty products, even thought as anyone would know, using tooth paste does not completely dodge your risk from getting dental caries or decay. I even think old toothbrushes were made from animal hair- a fact most American’s would like to forget because it reveals a part of our bestiality. The “healing temples” discussed can most likely be upgraded to hospitals or doctor’s offices in modern day American culture. People go to these places to get medicines to heal their illnesses and to become healthy again.

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