Two sets of twins

I’m Alison and my major is Interdisciplinary Studies in the Social Sciences. My concentration is Health and Society and I have a specialization in Health Promotions. I’m a junior here at MSU. I am a twin and have a twin brother and sister who are 22 months younger. I live with my two sisters and my brother goes to UofM. I took Anthropology 201 in the Spring and I Loved it! I actually had a guest lecture by Taz and immediately signed up to take this course. Anthropology is super interesting to me and I want to know more about Medical Anthropology. I’ve included a pic of my twin sister Nicole and I at the MSU spring football game. I’m a huge MSU sports fan and I love my family.

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  1. christopher reed says:

    Hey Alison,
    Sure sounds like your parents got their money’s worth. I am also an IDS student studying public health. It sure has turned out to be a lot of fun thus far. It looks like there could be an issue with your picture link.

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