Biological approach

I think that the biological approach will be helpful to use and understand because it seems the most realistic and effective to me. It focuses on factors such as the evolution of people, the genetics people are born with, the environment they are raised in, the choices they make throughout their lives, and other similar things that all play into the way they are affected with illness. This is easy to apply and makes a lot of sense in most situations. The difference between disease and illness is that disease is the physical issue with the body that is defined by a physician looking at the person’s symptoms and results of medical testing while illness is when a person perceives that they are in a state of sickness based on what their society may lead them to believe and not on showing symptoms. This was not obvious to me at first but then it made sense from the lecture because you can have one without having the other. In the Nacirema culture Miner is discussing the culture in which American’s live (it’s American backwards). I did know this immediately when I began reading but only because I have had to read it in the past for a class. The first time I read the article, however, I didn’t catch on for quite awhile and was initially shocked by the rituals I was reading about. One ritual in the article was when he is describing going to the dentist but lists scary tools and the terrible things that the “holy-mouth-man” does to the mouth and teeth with them just to improve the appearance and gain friends. Another is when he is mocking people brushing their teeth and says they stick hog hairs into their mouths with magical things to make them look better. Both of these rituals are to improve their looks and stop them from being rejected by others in society which says that the culture’s practices are very superficial and focuses all on beauty.

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