Biological approach

I believe the biological approach will be most useful to me while studying health. This approach takes into account multiple aspects of life. It doesn’t focus on one area, but it focuses on a variety and how they all connect and make us who and how we are. It discusses things that occur before we are even born, and it also discusses the things we experience and choose for ourselves throughout our life. The biological approach also takes into account the changes that we have gone through and how we have adapted throughout history. These studies have taught us so much about the human body and how we have evolved as a species.

The easiest way to think about disease and illness for me is to relate disease with doctor. I remember this because they both start with the letter “D.” A patient goes into a clinic and informs the doctor of his or her symptoms. After asking many questions and examining the patient, the doctor comes up with a diagnosis that is a disease. Illness is more of a personal thing. The person evaluates how he or she feels mentally and/or physically. A person may feel a bit different than usual, such as sore or sad, and decide that they feel ill. It does not require a doctor, but relies on personal experience. Before this week, I had no idea what the difference was between disease and illness. To be honest, I’m not sure if I even know there was one. After listening to the lectures, I now realize the difference and it is much clearer to me.

Miner is talking about the American culture. The first page gave me an idea it might be about American’s but that was solidified once I got to the part about dentistry. When the dentist is referred to as the holy-mouth-man it is showing how important he is. It discusses how important good dental hygiene is and how bad dental hygiene can even affect friendships and social lives. The look of someone’s teeth seems to be just as important or more important than what’s on the inside. Another ritual that is discussed is visiting hospitals or doctors offices. Some of the procedures that occur while at these places are not pleasing or fun. They sometimes involved needles and hard beds. Despite all the negatives that come along with these places, our culture still relies on these places. We return no matter what because we trust our doctors in order to be in better health.

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