Biological Approach

I think that the biological approach will be useful through out this course and my health care career because it is information to help us understand science and people better. By using this approach we can use genetics, the environment, and individual choices to understand why people become sick. The biological approach seems the most scientific and also the most accurate method to discover why and how people become ill or get diseases. By understanding where and how we can contract these illness’s we can then being to understand how to prevent and cure them.

The distinction between disease and illness is that disease is an infection or physical alteration while illness is the experience the patient feels. This was not obvious to me. I always thought of illness and disease as similar sickness’s however I thought about it as an illness can be treated and cured while a disease may be treatable but not curable.

When reading Miner’s article about the Nacerima people I did not realize that he was referring to the American culture until he came to the part of the Mouth Rite and how people put hog hairs in their mouths with special powders and move them around “in a highly formalized series of gestures”.  One of the rituals I thought was most interesting was when they discuss that everyone views the human body as disgusting and ugly. That the natural human tendencies are what we are ashamed of. I liked looking at my culture through the eyes of someone else. Instead of seeing people as I do in everyday life and thinking of its normalcy they change it to show how bizarre we must look to other people. Another ritual was when they discuss the money or “gift” that needs to be given to receive treatment and how people will do anything the doctors say to make them better even if they do not understand the procedure or consequences.

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