Biological Approach

I believe the biological approach will be more useful for me while studying health because this approach has to do with the anatomy and physiology of the human body and how genetics play a major role also. Being that I want to go into the health field being an OB/GYN, it is very important to know peoples genetic background because some newborns may be born with genetic disorders, so thats very important for me to understand and have knowledge about . Also the fact that the individual could have made bad choices about things they ate or did while pregnant could result in illnesses or disorders with the newborn.

The distinction between disease and illness would probably be that disease would seem more life threatening  Diseases focuses primarily on symptoms and the physical changes that could effect someones health. An illness could be something thats temporary and not so much life  threatening. Actually the term illness could mean different things in different cultures around the world.So disease and illness doesn’t really have an obvious difference because sometimes people could confuse the two with each other due to the closeness of the meanings.

It was kind of confusing to me and took me a while to realize that another culture was even being discussed by Miner because the rituals seemed really serious and weird to me. But i believe Miner was refereeing to American culture. I noticed this when the topic came up about the holy-mouth man and how they did painful things to their teeth. This made me realize that this is similar to American Culture because we go to the dentist and also feel some kind of pain at times.

The ritual referring to the holy mouth men shows that this culture values good oral hygiene and cleanliness. The appearance of their health was very important to them . Another ritual would be “men scraping and lacerating their face with a sharp instrument” explains then men shave their hairs off face daily. That also shows how this culture values good hygiene and health.

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  1. Haley Macko says:

    I think the rituals of the mouth can be modernized to represent America’s obsession with the ideal image that everyone should strive to achieve. In the Nacirema article the purpose of brushing ones teeth was to improve oral health, prevent tooth decay and to attract friends. The Nacirema place the same significance on oral hygiene as modern society does, but presently mouth rituals have evolved by wearing braces or mouthgards to straighten crooked teeth and realign the teeth and jaw, and placing emphasis on white teeth. Straight teeth make it less challenging to eat or speak, prevent physical pain, increase overall health and present an attractive smile. A striking smile suggests a person is happy, healthy, and successful, in addition to having a great personality and active social life. White teeth add even more to the allure of a smile. Straight, white teeth enhance confidence, present a younger appearance and help us to form first impressions. A ritual performed by the Nacirema men that also indicated this society valued good hygiene was the ritual of “scraping and lacerating their face with a sharp instrument.” In addition to an indication of good hygiene and health, in modern society men that are clean-shaven have a more polished and professional look. Men with this look are perceived to be positively correlated with success. Moreover, the clean-shaven look is predominant among scholars symbolizing intelligence.

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