Health: Overall well being of a person; which includes a balanced diet, spiritual guidance, physical ability, and mental state.

Illness: When the balances of diet, spiritual well being, mental and physical health are compromised.

Criteria I used for determining my definitions of health and illness include the affects it has on a person and their body; physically and mentally and whether or not it’s a natural occurrence in the body. These criteria I believe just come from my knowledge of certain things in life and also society. There are certain things that society chooses to group together as being an illness or natural. Also, family has a huge influence over how I view things so this could be the reason for some of the criteria and how I’ve grouped them.


Cancer: Illness; the body would not be in its optimal state and would overall cause physical and mental decline. Cancer is an  illness because many aspects of someone’s health would be compromised. The possibility of not getting better is also a reason I believe it is an illness. The intense treatments that have to be endured to try to rid the body of this disease puts it in this category as well.

Anxiety: Illness; the mental health of a person is directly compromised and can also have affects on other aspects of health. When the mental part of someone is challenged it can cause different problems in one’s physical well being.

Menstruation: Not an illness; this is something that naturally occurs in women and is involved in the reproduction cycle. If there is not fertilization of an egg by sperm, menstruation happens. Menstruation is also used as a way to cleanse the female body of fluids and toxins. I just believe that because it is something that is going to occur anyway and doesn’t disrupt the balances of health in a negative way it not an illness.

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