Critical Approach

I think that the critical approach is useful because it is the most objective. Using the facts from biotechnology or biomedicine to support something subjective like an opinion is how to prove something to be correct. To answer the question from the lecture about the person brain dead and on a respirator one has to know the working definition of death and you have to know the hard science behind the body system.

The distinction between disease and illness was pretty obvious to me. Illness is the symptoms like pain and weakness or discomfort that are associated with a certain disease. These things are managed but a disease is treated or cured. A disease also affects a specific body organ or system whereas an illness is a general sense of feeling abnormal.

Miner is talking about the American culture. I realized at the beginning of the article actually especially when he was talking about the economic system and the way we portray out bodies.

The way that the American people are is mostly about what we have and is materialistic. When Miner was talking about how Americans spend a lot of their time in economic pursuits it made me think of how we are all about money! He also talks about how we spend so much time getting ready trying to make our body image to a certain unknown standard.



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  1. Jamila Carver says:

    Miner stated how we or the Nacirema can seek the help of these doctors but only can receive the help if we have something to give. The world now is definitely based on an economy stand point where no one had a line where we draw the limit yet. There are people in this world who can spend so much money on their body for good and bad reasons when lots can get taken care of by good personal hygiene. Instead of taking the hint of being mocked and get talked about we continuer to add fuel to the fire and not learn from it, giving the Medicine Men and Doctors money even though things on out body are not fully repaired. This article not only shows how materialistic we are but how insecure we are with the bodies that put parents have to us. It seems like people don’t know that if out body is just taking care of from the start we will save all the money that we waste on this so called “images” that everyone is trying to uphold.

  2. Lindsey Green says:

    I agree with having to use a critical approach. I used a biological approach because it seemed to fit all the categories. I also agree with your definitions of disease and illness. I defined an illness as something happening to the individual as a whole. I defined a disease as someone having symptoms occurring to an organ in the body and seeking treatment. Having an illness is a generalized form of a disease. I also believe that an illness is something that requires healthcare while a disease requires treatment.
    I also agree that American culture is solely becoming based upon its looks. We have such an emphasis on our bodies and make up that we are forgetting what is important. Generation after generation we are becoming more materialistic and one day is it going to bite us in the butt. Nacierema also spoke of health affects that are important. He emphasized the health of teeth by talking about bushing them and seeing a dentist at least twice a year. Dental hygiene is very important and good to maintain to reduce the risk of cavities and mouth diseases.

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