Ecological Approach


I was very torn when it came to picking one approach because I like to use a little bit of each approach to study health. Out of all of the approaches from the lecture I have to agree with the ecological approach because this one stuck out to me the most. A lot of the times people do not focus on their environment, which should be our main focus. No matter what, you are going to be surrounded by an environment that is either good or bad for you. What if you’re living in neighborhood with bad pollution, or you work around hazardous chemicals for years? Or it could just be something as simple as your family the people you hang around with, if they are sick you can get sick too or if they are cigarette smokers you can get problems from second hand smoke.  Think about your food and how it is polluted by its environment during the growing and shipping process until it gets into your body. A lot of pesticides and other chemicals are put on your food during their growing process to “protect them” or even the pollution coming out of the semi-truck while it is on its way to drop off the food at the grocery store. In a lot of rural areas when you drive down the street I can promise you that every few blocks you will run into a fast food restaurant of some sort and not enough farmers markets with fresh produce. Your environment has a huge effect on your health even if you recognize it or not.

The distinction between disease and illness is pretty clear. When it comes to disease, it is influenced by your behavior, environment and socio-political factors. Illness is more so of biological and cultural aspect, something that is also mental.

Miner is talking about the American culture, Nacirema is American spelled backwards.  During the article I realized this when he talked about the market economy and economic pursuits. What other country cares so much about their market economy other than the America, I also noticed Miner was talking about America when he was naming the surrounding places. Or even George Washington cutting down the cherry tree.

One ritual is the “holy-mouth-men”, every day we need to brush our teeth or twice a year go to the dentist for a cleaning or a mouth exam. According to Miner it was believed that “a strong relationship exists between oral and moral characteristics”. It is important hat you take care of your mouth daily and even though the rituals to a clean mouth is torturous to the client we still go through with them. Another ritual is the “listener” parents are here to teach their children what to do with their body and how they should take care of it. Their parents tell them things so the children can be filled with fears so they would remember it.

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