Future Healthcare Administrator

Hi my name is Widad Nasser, and I am a Senior studying Human Biology. I graduate at the end of this Summer with my Bachelors for Science. Growing up in an Islamic household, I was never allowed to go away for school, but finally my parents agreed to send me to Michigan State University. I met great people and even brought a national multicultural sorority to MSU with 9 other girls in Spring 2013. I became very open minded and gained leadership skills. All helping me grow towards my future endeavors.

Going into college, I wanted to go to Med-school and become a Radiologist. However, after completing my sophomore year, I realized that Med-school just wasn’t for me. I wanted to stay in the Healthcare field, but I wanted to help people in ways other than treating them. After taking ANP 370- Culture and Illness, and volunteering in the ER, I realized that many minorities are not treated by physicians the way they should be. This may be because of cultural barriers or other factors of misunderstanding.  This is when I decided that I wanted to obtain a career in Public Health Administration, so I can help minorities in healthcare. I hope to one day work for the Department of Health and Human Services in D.C, to work towards creating programs and policies to improve healthcare for minorities.

Without my parents’ support and love, I would have never been able to make it to where I am today. I hope to one day accomplish my career goals and made them proud.


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