In my definition, Health is a condition of the person. It can be checked mentally and physically to grade to be either good or bad. As for being healthy or a person with good health though the definition is not very specific, to me is a condition of balance, rather more of a positive condition that allow a person to function normally in life. So in my view to be a healthy person is the person free of condition that can interfere with life. So at the end I question myself, can a person with asthma be healthy person? Yes, as long as he/she are able to control such condition and prepared to live with preparation if there are emergency just in case that may interfere with life. A person can have a certain condition that may be bad but overall be healthy if the person are able to control and manage it. My reasoning and the definition of “health” are from previous reading, judgment and influence of my family and friends people that I know. When I think of health, I think of homeostasis which result to being in “balance”. There are no person that are free of all illness or disease so a sense of balance is a fitting definition of health.

When compared to disease and illness, in my definition the main difference is that illness are more of a mental condition, while disease are rather more from a physical condition. Disease is an outcome from a physical causes that results to a certain physical condition. When I think of a disease, I think of a disease called eczema which is a condition of a skin that is sensitive and dry that can result itchy and redness of the skin. An Illness in my definition is a condition that a person may experience or feel. Different from a disease, an illness are rather questionable and different to other. For example, a person with an eczema can lead to a behavior problem such as sleepiness, shyness, or even feeling fear. Such thoughts and feeling of something irregular is an example of an illness. Both illness and disease is something that are “abnormal”, something that can interfere with life.


A condition of infertility is not an illness, because it is a condition physical result. It is a condition that egg or sperm are abnormal or not exist. There are many causes that can result to infertility such as hormone imbalance, damage to tissues and other causes that are not yet known.

Anxiety is an illness, it is an illness because anxiety are related to a person’s thought or the feeling. Anxiety is not physical, rather something that are being expressed. The result of an anxiety can be caused by a disease such as hormone imbalance that are predisposed, or a cue that a person respond.

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