My definitions of health and illness are somewhat similar in a way, but not too much. I believe there is a small difference between the two definitions of health and illness. My definition of health would be the absence of a diseases and the practice of  someone who maintains a great figure, meaning being active on a regular basis and having a balanced diet. Health also refers to someone getting regular check ups and  are not on any serious medications. My definition of illness would probably be the alterations in everyday health of someone. I describe illness as being something temporary and can be cured with treatments. For example, when someone has a common cold they are considered ill. So illness could mean that someone’s health is altered in different ways or a short period of time.  With me being a human biology major and interested in the medical field , this is a great way for me to think about the difference between health and illness. So far I have learned things throughout my previous years of college that actually helps me shape my view on this topic. These criteria came from the school, and also my own personal experience due to the fact that I’ve had previous classes that actually discussed the differences between health and illness and for my own personal experience I have witnessd  people in my family that would have certain conditions that would be considered an illness not so much of a disease.

I chose infertility and the Flu. I believe that infertility would not be considered an illness because it is something that is genetic. True enough there are treatments for it , but it still will have some affect on the woman because if she is able to reproduce she might have difficulties and twins are liable to happen, when some couples only wanted one child.  I believe that the Flu is an illness because this is something that is temporary and could be cured with different treatments and even a shot. The flu is a very serious illness that could actually start from having just a common cold. So the reason why I think the Flu is an illness is because its temporary and alters the health in different ways.

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  1. Meredith Joseph says:

    I researched infertility because I knew it was a global issue and that there were many different outlooks about it throughout many cultures. Infertility in America is mainly seen as a women’s health problem. While the truth is, it is just as much a male health concern, just more of a taboo subject. Twenty percent of infertility issues are considered unidentified, not being a male or female “issue”. In the American culture not being able to conceive a child or not being able to carry a child to full term is considered having infertility issues. There are lots of medical treatments and processes couples can go through in our culture to still try and conceive a child. While in other cultures infertility is considered not being able to have a certain number of children that is seen as the cultures norm or not being about to have a child quickly after sexual activity. Also if one can not birth a son some cultures see this has having infertility problems. According to the American culture’s definition ten present of people across the world at prime reproductive age are not able to have children. The American definition of infertility is very different than other cultures, but medical advances in this area are still being made globally.

    Evans, Emily.”A Global Perceptive on Infertility: An Under Recognized Public Health Issue.” CGI. 6th, 2014)

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