“Its all Biological”

I think biological approach is the most useful to studying health. There are so many illness that are made or worsened by our poor choices or environment. After going through a physiology class and discussing main illness, the number one treatment is lifestyle change, If we exercised more or ate differently we could stop or weaken the illness. Many other disease have to deal with our genes, such as most cancers and heart disease, if it runs in the family you are more risk. This is why I believe its almost completely biological.

The distinction between disease and illness did make sense to me. Such as a Sexual Transmitted Disease you can have it but feel fine, no illness. You can also have a stomach ache and feel ill but have no disease, It could just be something you ate at the wrong time.

I have read the Nacirema article before, It is talking about us, Americans. It is from an outside view and shows us how we may be perceived from other cultures. The first time I read this article i did not think of it as being us but I did not think of this civilization as being weird, I just thought they know why they do what they do, they are doing what they think is right.

I found the thoughts about hospitals, latipsos, being extremely refreshing. This truly is the place where many of our loved ones “go to die.” But still so many of us keep going there to try to get better. Something that came into my head while reading this part was that many people can go in with something as simple as migraines and obtain another fatal illness and never get to leave.

The other appealing ritual is speaking of the dentist, holy-mouth-man. It was interesting to think about them being sadistic because they are always smiling at you while cleaning your teeth. Its also interesting to think that we do this to “draw friends” and we are worried if we do not have this we will lose them or be unappealing. It shows that we a very appearance oriented group of people.

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  1. Desirae Jemison says:

    Hi Jenelle. The rituals, ideologies and values you picked were good. The first ritual that you analyzed about the hospitals, latipsos can be updated and represent current health values and ideologies because it has been adapted to fit modern societies. We still continue to send our sick to the hospital, but instead of the hospital just be the go to place to die, we provide health care to the sick and dying. For the ritual speaking of the dentist holy-mouth-man, the ritual has been updated to represent current health values and ideologies in many cultures worldwide because brushing our teeth is something that we do on a regular. I personally believe that we have adapted the holy-mouth-man into our modern society. All most all cultures practice good dental hygiene and cleanliness and have adapted Nacirema cleanliness and good hygiene values. Today in modern societies we go to the dentist twice a year(every six months) similar to the Nacirema culture and we also place a great importance on going to the dentist, which is also like the Nacirema culture. I’m glad that modern society have updated these Nacirema rituals to make them more fitting and available to everyone and every culture.

  2. Mary Normand says:

    Although I chose the ecological approach, I agree that the biological approach can be very helpful in studying health. I agree that many illnesses are rooted in environment, individual choice and genetics. Your thoughts on the latipsos were interesting. Many people do go into the hospital with common illnesses and find out they are in much more serious danger. I don’t think going into the hospital these days is as much of a scary thing as it was 50 years ago, though. Also, a person would not be denied or not admitted if he could not pay. Since healthcare is becoming more easily available for everyone in America, hospitals are not a luxury of the rich. For the ritual of the holy-mouth-man and the obsession with the mouth, I feel that it is even more prevalent now. There are even more techniques for people to whiten and fix their teeth than before. If someone doesn’t like their teeth, they can get veneers, implants or whiten their teeth. People even whiten their teeth digitally. I think if the Nacirema article were written today, technology would be an important aspect of it. Many people are not as concerned about health as they are about appearances even more so now than they were when the Nacirema article was written.

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