I define health as being in a state of well-being or being free from illness. I would define illness as a disease or symptom that troubles the body or the mind. To come up with these definitions I used past experiences such as being in the hospital. Doctors and nurses would throw these types of terms around all the time. I also came up with these definitions based upon the lectures we had just finished for this week in medical anthropology.

I believe these definitions could have came from a variety of sources. School, family, in the workplace, and socially through friends.  I have heard these terms many times in school for spelling and defining. All the way through elementary school to college. In the workplace I hear these terms constantly. I shadow at hospitals and volunteer at hospice centers. Doctors are always saying these terms and it helps me understand their meaning. These terms also come from the media and can be misinterpreted. The media is about getting a point across as strong as possible. They will use strong words like these to do so  and sometimes use them incorrectly.

Migraines, the flu, and restless leg syndrome are the three examples I have chosen to explain. I would describe migraines as an illness because they could be the symptom to something bigger, like a disease or cancer. The flu is something I would consider also being an illness because when you have the flu you have symptoms of throwing up, fever, cold sweats, etc. Normally when you have these symptoms you would go to the doctor because the flu could also be a gateway to a disease. I would not consider restless leg syndrome an illness. This condition as already been discovered and treated. Usually restless leg syndrome is not a gateway to any other diseases. It is already classified as a syndrome.

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