Planning my Adventure

Hello! My name is Falicia Captain and I will begin my senior year in the fall. I am an IDS Health and Society major with plans to attend graduate school for Health Administration/Global Public Health. I began as a premedical student here at MSU in Lyman Briggs but when I took LB330 Global Public Health, I became very interested in the different aspects and fields of healthcare. I then took ANP370 Culture and Illness and ANP201 Cultural Anthropology, which I absolutely loved. The courses gave such a broader perspective on global healthcare that are much different than the United States. I then changed my major to Health Society and focused on attending graduate school instead of medical school.

I am very passionate about healthcare and try to involve myself in the field in any way that I can while I am still an undergrad. I have attended two MSU Study Abroad programs in Mexico and Brazil that have furthered my understanding of medical anthropology and global public health. I hope to continue to travel and gain many unique experiences while learning about the different healthcare systems around the world. I’m not sure exactly where that will take me, but I am excited for an adventure!

Below is a picture from my Brazil study abroad trip in December 2013 with Dr. Mário Júnior and Prof Hellen Thais Fuzii  from Hospital Santo Antonio Maria Zaccaria while on the medical boat on the Amazon River.

Brazil 2013


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