I believe health is your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Illness is the imbalance of the body that places you out of your “well being”. Health is focused on how you look, and feel.  I believe this criterion came from society and from personal experience. Society would consider one healthy based on being in your most normal state. From my personal experience, i feel healthy based on how i feel, and wether or not its different from normal.

Two conditions that stood out to me on the list were shyness and old age. When shyness was said in the lecture I thought, “ how could shyness be an illness when its a personality trait?” However the more I think about it, I see how it could be considered an illness. Being shy could make it difficult to meet people and connect with others. This could affect ones health because if you have trouble building relationships with other people, your mental state of mind will eventually become imbalanced. This imbalance could place you out of your “well being” which has an effect on your overall health. Based on my definition of illness, shyness should be considered an illness because it is a behavioral act that causes an imbalance in your well being. Even though people can outgrow shyness or learn to work through it, its still fits my definition of an illness. Just like illnesses are not necessarily permanent, neither is the personality trait of being shy.

Also,based on my definition of illness, Old age would be considered an illness because of the circumstances that being old comes with health issues no matter what. However, old age is an exception to my definition because old age is natural and there is nothing you can do to prevent or change that. I would not necessarily consider old age to be an illness but more of a process.  No one is immune from old age and there will be times where your well being cannot change back to being perfectly “healthy” again.

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