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At first I did very poorly for the first 4 questions I did not get any correct. Then I got the idea, and I started to see the patterns of how US health is compared to other countries. I thought that it was insane how our life expectancy changed so quickly and how low we are on the scale compared to other countries. America prides itself on being “the best” honestly I don’t know if that is true. We have an alarming obesity rate and the culture promotes terrible health habits. It is very hard to stay healthy without having great determination.

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Before watching this video I knew that socioeconomic status (SES) greatly affected the health of an individual and community. I never knew how fast health deteriorates once someones SES changes. The video mentions that death rate and unemployment are directly linked.  They said that the rate changes “within a 10 year span and are heavily concentrated within the first 5-6 years.” I think that this is insane and that the U.S. should try to do more to reduce unemployment rather than focusing so much on things that don’t really matter too much. I can see that the company moving helps the economy and the business but it definitely does not help the people. I think that there are also non-genetic factors that play roles in the health of these people. Trends in disease depend on many factors including environment and genetics and many other things such as baseline health. The company is not the only factor playing a role in the health of these people. Some of the people may have a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease and the stress from unemployment just worsens their risk of disease.

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  1. Sarah Newman says:


    What an interesting idea! Although not enough jobs in an area can be a cause of unemployment, I think it is needed to identify other reasons of unemployment. At least in my opinion, Americans are sometimes too proud to do less desirable jobs, even if it means not having money for one’s family or for healthy foods. Some Americans rather not work farming jobs or fast food jobs because they are afraid of what others will think of them. This in turn adds more stress to the individual and the family in need, causing more SES changes. People may even continue live as they did before they lost their jobs to keep up a “good image” of themselves. Many Americans take out loans and open credit cards they cannot afford just to with hold their image in the community. Nobody wants to be seen as the weakest link or the person in need. To change this, we need to dissolve the cultural idea that working less desirable jobs as bad. We also need to teach people how to handle their money better and how to manage loans and credit cards in the correct way. I think this approach is sociological, however, could become political very easy. To solve these health disparities, I think ultimately it should be taken on the individual. People need to be proactive in their livelihoods and do all they can to support their families, as well as, to manage their money. If someone needs governmental or local official help, they should ask for it and find someone willing to work with them to solve their problems, not just dumping it on the official.

  2. Hannah Porter says:

    That’s interesting to learn that unemployment can have that much effect someone’s health and even life span. My possible solution to this problem would be mainly individual but also political. I think the government should somehow put limits on American companies moving to other countries. Although this is financial beneficial to the company it’s hurting them in the long run because the American population is typically on of the main target audience for most companies because we are considered to be one of the wealthier countries but if our citizens are losing their jobs because companies are leaving the US they will no longer be able to purchase any merchandise from these same companies who are leaving (because even though these companies can assemble their products for a cheaper price they don’t necessarily sell them for a decreased rate). Also I think it is up to the American people to support US made products and make an effort to support local companies. I also agree with the previous comment that US citizens can be unwilling to work certain jobs and continually buy things on credit with money they don’t have. Another problem resides in government aid programs; I think there should be more regulations on this because in todays society it is possible for someone to receive more money from the government by living on welfare (especially if they are a single parent or an unemployed parent) than if they were employed. I think there should be some kind of trade off that the government could keep providing welfare but there should be requirements the individual has to meet like at least work part time or if they are physically unable to work have them volunteer a certain number of hours a week in order to support and enhance their local community.

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