Home is where your dog is.

Hi everyone! My name is Danielle Boore, I’m a senior and will be done with classes by the end of summer. I am a human biology major and have never taken an Anthropology course. This December I decided I did not want to go to Dental school so I’m trying to take a variety of different courses to be introduced to new topics that might spark an interest to me that will still meet my major requirements. I still have not figured out exactly what I want to do but I’m hoping to find a job and then later attend graduate school when I know what I want to pursue.

I enjoy spending as much of my summer up north in Petoskey or Charlevoix with my family as possible. My family means the world to me. I have two brothers, an older and younger. My older brother graduate from MSU last year and my younger brother is now a sophomore at MSU, as well. We also have a Goldendoodle named Ozzie who is loved so much by everyone. Below is a picture of him last year on a boat ride in Petoskey.



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