In Sickness and in Wealth

I didn’t do very good on the quiz. I scored a 3/10. A lot of that information was fairly new to me. I found it quite interesting the data that was presented in this quiz. Some of the statistics that I found to be the most surprising were the fact that the U.S. spends two and a half times as much  per person on health care compared to the average of the other industrialized countries. This is surprising because although the U.S. spends that much per person there are still so many people left uninsured, and also the overall health care is worse compared to other countries. I just don’t understand how if the U.S. spends so much on health care why is  our health outcomes among the worst in the industrialized world. Another statistic that I found quite surprising well should I say interesting was that recent Latino immigrants have better health outcomes than other U.S. populations despite them  being  on average  poorer than other races. Its surprising that recent immigrants health is better before they come to the United States, once they come to the United States their health gradually declines.

The unnatural causes episode “In Sickness and Wealth” talks about the United States  health imbalances that are  due to our economic inequality amongst our socioeconomic class being the reason why we are getting sick. This case study explains how the economic status of people have an  impact on an individual health. To basically sum up the whole video in the simplest form the “In Sickness and Wealth” video talks about an individual health depending solely on a persons income status(socioeconomic class). Your wealth determines your health, a lack of health care isn’t the cause of disease it’s a person income class. No matter how much money the U.S. spends on health care as long as social determinants forces are the primary concern of  health care the U.S. health care system will never fully  prosper.I do believe that there are non genetic factors that can explain these health disparities, which are socioeconomic determinants of health as stated in the video “In Sickness and in Wealth”.

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