Becoming American

I did absolutely terrible on the Health Equity Quiz. I’m not too big on statistics and most of the correct answers shocked me. Especially the question that asked which ethnicity had a longer life expectancy. The reason it was so surprising was because in one of the previous questions it said that wealth had a lot to do with a persons health and I would assume that the Non- Hispanic whites would have a longer life expectancy than recent Latino immigrant. Just because in most cases Non- Hispanic whites are wealthier than Latinos.  This quiz helped me put into perspective the affect wealth and poverty has on health in the United States and surrounding areas.

In Unnatural Causes 3 “Becoming American” this episode described the process it took an immigrant man with a green card to get his family to be approved to come to the United States. The main focus was on the isolation the immigrants felt in America and how it leads to stress. Also, how hard it is living in the United States because of the low income that the immigrant families were bringing in. Another point made in this episode was how immigrants boy tend to drop out of school due to the stress of not feeling equal. Teenage immigrant girls were more likely to commit suicide for that same reason.

Stress was the main non-genetic factor that played a role in the health disparities discussed in this episode. Stress from not feeling equal and being isolated and stress from living poorly and not having enough money to live comfortably. Stress can lead to many health problems that can cause even more health issues or for peoples life expectancy to be shorter than others of another ethnicity. Poverty is also a main non-genetic factor because as I stated previously, wealth has a lot to do with health.


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