Becoming American

By taking a quiz from the given link, though I did not know the exact number for each of the answer I did know the rough for the answer for each question. But that surprise me the most was that recent Latino Immigrant have better heath that average American. It is not because I was wrong but it was very surprising that recent Latino immigrant that are usually poorer have better health than average American. Even if the immigrant Latino have less accessibly to health care compared to higher economic class, the immigrant Latino have better health. But after several year of them living in United State their health eventually diminish. In the video, it said that social relationship protect the immigrant from disease and cope with stress because being different from their home country. Interestingly I thought of a hypothesis relating to their health worsen after staying in United States for several years. With time the accumulation and “Americanized” way of living could be the cause. What I meant of “Americanized” is the stress to change such as their diets and behavior.

When I think of factors that might could have effect the health of the Latino immigrant after living several years in United States, I think it could be from gradual change of their life style. Lifestyle choices such as food and their behavior due to the change and the availability of resource that are different. Though close family ties may have help cope with stress, living for years can take a tool to a person’s health. Realization of the change in their usual environment can be very stressful.

Also stress can also greatly influence the health of the person. By being an immigrant stress can be the source of by being pressured to change and to adapt. Worrying about earning enough income to feed the family, pressure as being an immigrant, living to adapt to American culture by changing behaviorally and to change diets be causing stress to the immigrants. Without finding the treatment to manage stress. Stress can cause changes in hormones in the body can increase the risk of disease.

The reason that I focus Culture as a topic of what the cause of disappearing is because as an immigrant myself and have taken some phycology class, this is a great reflection how I felt. Giving example that change in culture can greatly affect the health of the person, I find this topic was pretty interesting

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  1. Jenelle Dushane says:

    This is an interesting topic because first not only is the US in poorer health but second we are eventually eroding what better health they did have. I think to solve this from the United States side, improving our health, we should put a better focus on community. Such as community gathering and youth centers these are more of an ecological solution, our health depends on who and what we surround ourselves with. The locals and the government would have to step in make this happen, the government would have to invest some money in to making these places and the locals would have to want to visit and support these places.
    As for the decrease in health after a while, this has to do with accepting change but still remembering where you came from. The community and youth centers would help immigrants feel less stressed and more accepted and supported, they could also exchange things such as recipes or crafts to spread their culture and learn more about someone else’s culture. Another way to remind them of their home would be more ethnic foods and clothes at local stores. This is something the government should be adapting to help America improve its health.

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