Breast Cancer in White Women

The relationship between race, genetics and health are connected, but it is hard to determine the exact connection. According to the lecture, race and genes having nothing to do with each other. We learned that the genetic determinism is reduced down to the components of biology that make us up and that race is more so the skin color and origin. We are all different races but that is due to the way we were brought up and the culture we were introduced to, not the genes in our body. With race and health there is more of a connection than race and genes. An example of this would be breast cancer in Caucasians or even sickle cell among African Americans. However, with race social factors come into play and that’s where they become linked with health (wealth=health, environment you grew up in, etc). Genetics and health are also connected in a way. If your parents have a gene for cystic fibrosis, color blindness, etc. that could affect your health because it is affecting your genes. Race, genetics and health can possibly all contribute at once, but you don’t specifically need one to determine the other.


The health disparity that I chose was breast cancer among white woman. I decided to pick this one because of the many websites that showed how prevalent it was in this ethnic group. In one of the websites that I came across it said that breast cancer was the second leading cause of cancer death in white women. I believe that the reason we are more prevalent to breast cancer is because of social and environment factors. Seeing as white woman have fairer skin, we are more suspectible to get sun burns and damage from the UV rays. Woman do this to improve their looks and I think that social factors are a huge factor in the contribution to the increased rate among us.


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  1. Cherie Griffey says:

    I agree with your opening sentence because genetics and health are connected and that one certain race may carry a specific gene that causes an illness? I agree with the lecture with the fact that race and genes have no specific connection. Our race has nothing to do with our genes, but I would also have to add that I feel as if race has nothing to do with your health as well. I like your connection with race and health when you mentioned wealth and your environment because in today’s society you will still find certain areas where majority of one race resides and other races in other locations. I think that instead of trying to tie a certain illness to a race they should include other factors like the environment, wealth and diet even, yes your family history has a good input on certain illnesses as well but instead of studying the person as a specific race they should study the person as just a regular person without race. Your genes are very important when it comes to health because if it runs in your family you do have a higher chance of becoming ill due to the gene in your body and your life choices that you make.

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